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Show Sponsors

Do you own a company that is interested in extra Promotions? Then Join our Sponsoship programs we have available. 

Our sponsors get the oppurtunity to help build their name along side these amazing concerts and venues, we cross promote our sponsors on flyers, media outles and so much more! 

Are you needing another outlet to sell your merchandise? we have options for that come down to our shows and sell to the Fans of our shows, and network your company the best you can!. 

We at Grimm Entertainment are about building a Community through our brand. if you are interested in joining us on this adventure feel free to fill out the Information below.


Grimm Entertainment does have Endorsement opportunities for companies looking to join in on some of the bigger shows and invest in what we are doing as a company. 

Each Endorsement or investment opportunity will be on a 1 to 1 basis, so all parties receive what they are asking for. If you are interested in endorsing or investing in some of these concerts to make some extra income feel free to contact us below as well.

Become a Sponsor now

Looking to become a Sponsor? email us at the Form Below or

Thanks for submitting!

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