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Artist Management

Are you looking to take the next step in your music career? we are Here To Help!

Grimm Entertainment is here to help your music career get to the next level, whether its touring, pr work, or building your image from the ground up!

Grimm Entertainment
Big Concert


Grimm Entertaiment Will work with you on the best options to strive your music and brand to its limits. We will talk with labels and agencies to get you the best of everything needed to make you a success!

Live Performance Critique

We will give you tips and tricks we have learned throughout our time in the industry.


Our Signed artists will have the ability to go out on tour at times that are appropriate for the artist and the markets. They will also get first dibs on tour offers we receive that are in need of artists.


We have worked with a multitude of different companies of the years and make some good contacts. We can get discounts for our Bands normal aritists wouldnt receive. From artwork to merchanidising.

Press Kit

Need your music to be heard but don't know how to get them to find you? That's where we are here to help.  We send a press kit to several companies that promote up and coming artists. 15% goes straight into paid promotions for your work.


Our Team will Find The endorsements and sponsorships best suited for your work. We do all the leg work helpin you get the endorsements and sponsorships you deserve.

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